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Michelin Aircraft Tires

The Michelin name has been synonymous for producing a tire that delivers maximum performance, reliability and durability. Desser Tire & Rubber Co., LLC is proud carry the entire aircraft tire line, including:

Radial tires
Michelin ® Air X®
Our Michelin Air X Radial aircraft tires are available on a wide range of aircraft across all market segments and offer (compared to bias-ply tires) measurable fuel savings, increased landings per tread, and improved cut resistance.

Bias-Ply tires
Michelin ® Air™
Our top-of-the line bias-ply tire feature superior ozone resistance and advanced tread compounds. Michelin's New Bias Technology (NBT) is designed to reduce common bias wear to provide longer lasting tires and can be found in many Michelin ® Air™ sizes.
Michelin ® Aviator®
Our standard offering for bias-ply tires, the Michelin ® Aviator® is available in a range of sizes for all types of applications.

Michelin ® Airstop®
Our innovative Michelin ® Airstop® butyl tubes provide extended air retention, outstanding dependability and easy installation.

Aircraft Tires and Tubes
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