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Aero Classic

Aero Classic is Desser's proprietary line of aircraft tires and tubes made to meet or exceed the original specifications. Sizes range from from 8" diameter for tailwheels, up to 56" diameter C-130 inner tubes, and everything in between.

Aero Classic tubes are the market leader, period. You think your General Aviation aircraft is tough on its tubes? The same tube available to you also meets the needs of an "unnamed" application that must stay airborne for 24 hour periods at 50,000 feet. Aero Classic tubes meet this need where others have failed. Aero Classic also provides more aircraft tubes to the US Military than any other manufacturer.

Aero Classic tires are available for most G.A. aircraft, as well as a number of specialized aircraft and planes built outside of the U.S. We are always analyzing potential sizes and designs for new production.

Some of our exclusive tire designs include:

Aero Classic Rib
Aero Classic Diamond
Aero Classic "Retro"
Aero Classic Channel Tread
Aero Classic Smooth Tread
Aero Trainer

Aircraft Tires and Tubes
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